Opening Queries in Compose

In Compose you can find and open queries you have access to usingthe Open Query menu.

To open a query,

  1. On the main Compose toolbar on the upper left, find and click Compose.

    To open the main menu:

  2. In the menu, click Open Query. This will bring up the Open Query dialog with all the queries you have access to:


    Queries are organized into folders, such as:

    • My Queries lists all the queries you have access to.

    • Scheduled lists queries with a schedule.

    • Published lists published queries.

    • Shared with Me lists queries shared with you by other users.

    • By Query Group lists queries placed in groups you created.

    • Drafts lists all your queries that have never been published.

  3. Find your query by locating the folder it may be in and filtering and sorting the content using the natural language filter and the available sort options:

  4. Select a query in the list by clicking on its title. This will open the query details panel having a summary of the query and available actions (on the right). The available actions are:

    • Open opens the query in Compose.

    • Clone clones the query statement as a new query.

    • Add Group lets select a query group and puts the query into the selected group.

    • Discard deletes the query.