Find Queries

Queries you own or that were shared with you can be found in Compose. Queries that were brought into Alation through query log ingestion can be found on the relevant data catalog page.

Find Queries in Compose

You can find all of your saved queries directly in Compose.

  1. Click Compose > Open Query.

  2. Select a folder on the left.

  3. Search for a query by name by entering text in Filter this list.


Find Ingested Queries

To find queries that were brought into Alation through Query Log Ingestion:

  1. Navigate to the catalog page for a data object that’s used in the query. For example, if the query selects the id column from the accounts table of the customers schema, you can navigate to the catalog page for any of those three data objects (id, accounts, or customers).

  2. Click on the Queries tab.

  3. Click on History on the left. All ingested queries related to the catalog page you’re on will be listed.