Export Query Results To an XLSX File

Applies from release 2021.3

Compose users can export query results directly into an XLSX file. This export option is available for the Run and Export query action but not for existing query results.


The file format is XLSX only and does not include XLS or other MS Excel-based formats.

To run and export a query to an XLSX file:

  1. Open the query you wish to export in Compose.

  2. Open the Export menu from the top toolbar and select the XLSX option:

  3. You can expand the Export menu again to make sure that XLSX is now the selected option.

  4. Click the Export button or any of the Run & Export options under the Export menu. The query will be executed and when finished, an XLSX file with the results will be auto-downloaded to your machine. The downloaded file will appear in the download tray of the browser. The results pane will have the first 1,000 rows of the exported query for a preview: