Granting Access to Articles (V R4 and later)

Applies to versions V R4 (5.8.x) and above

Granting Access

Users can grant View or Edit access to the articles they create or have the Edit access to. They can also choose to hide their article from the search results for other users while they are working on it.

To manage access to an article,

  1. Sign in to Alation and using the Navigation Menu, go to Articles and find the article you want to manage access of. Alternatively, you can use Search to find your article. Click its Title to open the corresponding catalog page.

  2. If you are creating a new article, click Add (the Plus icon) in the Articles component of the Navigation Menu. The new article page will open on the right.


    All new articles are created with Everyone can edit default access setting.

    Editors can change access permissions checkbox is also enabled by default.

3. In the upper-right corner, click More and in the menu that opens, click Access. The Access dialog will open. 4. Click the down arrow in the top panel (Access Levels) to open the Access options. 5. From the list of access options, select the one you need:


Everyone can edit (default): everyone at your company can view and edit


Editing restricted: Everyone at your company can view, but only selected users can edit


Private: No one can view or edit unless given access

  1. When you select Editing restricted or Private access level, who can access section will be revealed below the access options list. Hover over this section and click Invite, then find and select users or groups who you want to grant access to. For each user added, select the permissions from the permissions list on the right to the user or group name:

    • Can Edit users will be able to edit any fields on the article, share it with other users, grant access to article (if Editors can invite others is enabled), and assign Reviewers for Agile Approval.

    • Can View read-only access

    • Remove removes the user from the list

  2. If you want the users with Can Edit access to be able to grant access to your article to others, leave the Editors can change access permissions  checkbox selected. If not, clear this checkbox.

  3. In the dialog, click Save.

Access dialog:



Server Admins do not by default have Edit access to articles that have Editing restricted  or Private  access setting unless they are granted such access by the creator of the article.

Revoking Access

To revoke access to your article from a user, open the Access dialog, find the user and in the access options list in the corresponding row, click Remove. Access to the article will be revoked from this user.

Sharing Articles

If necessary, you can share your article with other users. To share:

  1. On the catalog page of the article, in the upper-right corner, click Share. The Sharing dialog will open.

  2. In this dialog, hover over section Share With and click Add. The Users searchable list will open.

  3. Find and select users to share your article with. Selected users will be added to under Share With list.

  4. Click Send. The selected users will receive emails that the article is shared with them.

If necessary, you can update the access to the article right from the Share dialog. To change access:

  1. Click the access level icon in the upper-right corner of the Share dialog. The Access dialog will open.

  2. Change access to the article then proceed with sharing.