Allow or Disable Query Export

Applies from release 2021.1

It is possible to disable the Compose feature of Query Export. A Server Admin may consider disabling it when exporting data is not allowed by their Company’s data policy.

When query export is disabled:

  • users executing a query will not be able to stream the complete result set into an export file;

  • The Export menu in Compose is not available, including all its options such as Run & Export Full Query, Run & Export Current Statement, and Run & Export as Script

Query Export allowed:


Query Export disabled:


To disable query export:

  1. Log in to Alation and go to Admin Settings > Server Admin > Compose Settings section.

  2. Locate the switch Allow Query Exports. By default, it is enabled:

  3. Click the toggle to disable query export and save the changes on the page.

To allow query export if it is disabled, click the Allow Query Exports toggle to turn it on and save the changes.


Compose users logged in at the time this setting is changed will see the effect only after a refresh of the browser page: the Export menu should become disabled in the Compose UI. If they do not refresh the browser, they will still be prevented from Running & Exporting: query export will fail although the Export menu will be present until the browser page is refreshed.

The same applies to enabling the feature after it was disabled: the Export menu will become enabled after a refresh of the browser page.